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Features & Applications

  • Up to 4x faster than conventional injectable mortars – two-step installation with no cleaning, shallower embedment, smaller diameters and immediate loading help you save time on every single fastening
  • Easier and faster to install compared to traditional chemical anchors – HUS4-MAX achieves the tension resistance of traditional chemical anchors, without cleaning requirements
  • Extensive applications covered combined with HUS4 screws – ETA (EAD 332795) with seismic C1 and C2 (with carbon steel HUS4 screws) and cracked and uncracked concrete and fire resistance for all steel types
  • Screw anchor can be adjusted or removed even if the capsule was used
  • Structural baseplates to concrete using HUS4 screw anchors (size 10-16)
  • Safety relevant and designed secondary steel, platforms, staircases, balconies and industrial equipment to concrete using HUS4 screw anchors
  • Technical data available for fastening in Water Resources Act (WHG) zones for coated floors

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