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Profis Engineering Suite

Profis Engineering Suite

Maximise your productivity by designing steel to concrete connections as a whole

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Compact but tough

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Inserts, drill bits, chisels, abrasive discs

little things, big difference

Pairing Hilti inserts with your tools improves your performance

Rugged, powerful and fast, read more
Hilti website

We wish everyone a happy Mawlid Al-Nabi

May this day bring peace, blessings and joy to you and your family.

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repair services

3 Days repair or free

Simply unique

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direct fastening

Direct fastening goes digital DX 5

Your tool now tells you when its ready to be serviced.

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cordless tools

Kick the cord!

Cordless tools make life easier on the construction site.

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customer reviews,construction sites

What are our customers saying?

View our job site references & get first hand reviews from our customers.

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