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Make light work of heavy concrete and asphalt

The Hilti TE 2000-AVR demolition hammer keeps you in control with the ideal balance between weight and power

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  • drilling


    Compact but tough

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  • Inserts, drill bits, chisels, abrasive discs

    little things, big difference

    Pairing Hilti inserts with your tools improves your performance

    Rugged, powerful and fast, read more
  • Hilti website

    Learn more about our website features

    View your tool list, recommended products, book a tool in for repair, book a demo & lots more.

repair services

3 Days repair or free

Simply unique

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  • direct fastening

    Direct fastening goes digital DX 5

    Your tool now tells you when its ready to be serviced.

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  • cordless tools

    Kick the cord!

    Cordless tools make life easier on the construction site.

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  • customer reviews,construction sites

    What are our customers saying?

    View our job site references & get first hand reviews from our customers.

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