About us

Our drive is to be your best partner for productivity, safety and sustainability: Making Construction Better

Hilti stands for quality, innovation and direct customer relationships resulting in about 280,000 individual customer contacts each day. Based in Schaan, Liechtenstein, the company has 32,000 employees around the world who contribute to making construction work simpler, faster and safer while inspiring customers every single day with technologically leading products, systems, software and services.

Corporate Strategy

The strategic objective is sustainable value creation through market leadership and differentiation. The company has also been planning with financial foresight since its founding in 1941 by brothers Eugen and Martin Hilti. All company shares are in the possession of the Martin Hilti Family Trust, which ensures the longterm continuity of the company. Hilti builds a better future – with sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our values

The company supports society and environment equally to actively pursue a better future both within and outside of the core business area. In addition to the charitable Hilti Foundation, the company’s values of integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment are demonstrated every day in its interactions with team members, partners and customers.

Business Model

Direct customer relationship

We believe strongly in close and trusted relationships with our customers. We run a direct sales model, with around 18,000 of our Hilti team members working directly with our customers, worldwide. Our sales reps and field engineers go out onsite, helping to find solutions - whether it’s choosing the right kind of nail or designing a rebar system for a major metro system. We work closely with our customers online, on the phone and onsite. We also run our own string of Hilti Centers where the construction industry can buy Hilti products directly from our own stores.

We develop and produce our own products

At Hilti we know construction is dangerous and full of challenges. So we’re constantly working to find solutions to make working on site faster, easier and safer. We run our own research and design labs, with specialist scientists and engineers in-house. We also work with top technical universities worldwide to share research and push our boundaries even further. We make our own Hilti products and run our own factories in Europe, Mexico, the USA, India and China. We also work with external specialist suppliers, making sure that everything we make conforms to the same very high quality standards, both in-house and externally.

Our people make us different

Our people are Hilti. Our team members guide our everyday work and make our everyday decisions. We’re passionate about our work and many of us have worked at Hilti for 10, 15, 20 years. We are strongly guided by our four Hilti values – integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment – which are lived every day, by every team member, in every location where we work.

Research at Hilti

Many ideas for product improvements are developed directly on construction sites while talking to customers. If there is an on-site challenge for which no Hilti solution exists, one will be developed. This is why the company invests approximately 6 percent of sales each year in research and development.

In research and technology, we have the opportunity to work on the latest technology, like in a kind of incubator and bring this into the products and that is pure fun.

Andreas Bong
Head of Corporate Research and Technology

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