Dubai (UAE), October 10, 2023 – With Nuron, Hilti is launching a new cordless platform that radically simplifies work on construction sites, enhances tool park management, drives performance to much higher levels and improves operator health protection. Nuron is based on a single battery platform that covers all relevant applications from light- to heavy-duty.

On construction sites, customers often need different energy sources for their tools. There are corded tools, gas-powered tools, and cordless platforms with varying voltages for various applications. That leads to running cords, mixing fuel, searching for tools and suitable batteries, and bringing multiple chargers. Hilti is changing this paradigm with Nuron.

All on one platform and higher performance
All batteries and chargers are interchangeable with all Nuron tools, which is crucial for optimizing tool parks and reducing business costs. The 22 Volt cordless platform delivers unprecedented performance, enabling heavy-duty applications that were once restricted to corded, gas-powered or higher voltage battery systems. The basis for this is the completely redesigned battery interface, which ensures significantly higher power transfer than corded mains and, thus, higher performance.

The re-engineered Nuron batteries are more durable and include new, robust fiberglass-reinforced housing and external shock-absorbing bumpers, which provide extra protection even in the most challenging conditions in our region. And the electronics are fully sealed to protect against moisture, dust and other jobsite contaminants.

New features for more health & safety on the jobsite
Hilti’s Dust Removal System and Active Torque Control are now available with all relevant tools to minimize dust inhalation and avoid injuries caused by accidental tool rotation. Active Vibration Reduction, another critical health protection and comfort feature, has been expanded to many more tools within the Nuron portfolio to reduce operator’s fatigue. Furthermore, in redesigning all 100 tools available from launch, ergonomics, weight, and robustness have been optimized and made compatible with an approved tethering system to prevent tools from falling when working at heights.

“On average, arranging cables and power generators in a construction site takes up about a fifth of the working day. Working across high floors, elevated and tight areas, remote and spread-out locations becomes even more complex and time-consuming. At Hilti, we create innovative products that enhance our customers’ productivity. Nuron enables professionals to convert most power tools to cordless devices, and we will continue adding more products to the same platform over the coming years.” Says Thomas Dropsit, Head of Sub Region Gulf.

Hilti has also worked with construction professionals to develop two new technologies for increased safety with angle grinders. The 3D ATC system switches off the tool and activates the disc brake when there is sudden, uncontrolled movement in any direction. The same risk-reducing function comes with the new SensTech system, which senses when the operator’s hand is removed, switching off the tool when it is accidentally dropped.

Future Cloud-connectivity feature for increased productivity
Moreover, Nuron brings intelligence to the platform's core – all tools generate data, which are then stored on the batteries and will be sent securely to the cloud during every charge without operator interaction. The collected data will include information such as tool usage, tool utilization, charging location and battery state-of-health, ensuring operators work with batteries in optimal conditions. This information can then be used to immediately to alert individuals if action is needed or can be accessed on-demand as required and is available on mobile and desktop platforms via Hilti’s ON!Track software.

“We are committed to bringing the cloud connectivity feature to the United Arab Emirates by 2025. With existing Hilti services like Tool Park Management and ON!Track, tool data can be used to optimize several assets and reduce downtime and costs,” added Thomas Dropsit, Head of Sub Region Gulf.

Nuron tools are open for orders across the GCC from January 2024, and customers can experience hands-on sessions from November 2023 in the United Arab Emirates at the Hilti Middle East Experience Center and in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman at Hilti Stores.

Construction professionals can find out more by booking a Nuron demonstration with Hilti at

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