Oil refinery projects

One integrated solution for lower costs and reduced maintenance

Oil refineries are typically large complexes reliant on extensive industrial installation systems, such as miles of piping and cabling systems. A refinery’s lifetime spans decades, demanding quality installations to ensure complex production processes run smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Our comprehensive offering for refineries comprises a solution that integrates fastening systems, tools and application software, all designed to make installation faster, consistent, safer and more cost-efficient. This helps enable lower levels of necessary maintenance and manpower, lower material costs and shorter shutdowns. From corrosion- and chemical-resistant fasteners for steel and concrete, through to innovative cable and pipe routing solutions, our systems, support and expertise help contribute to operational and technological excellence at high standard processing plants.

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Cable tray and ladder supports

Reduce costs by integrating HVAC and piping with cabling

When routing cables through oil and gas plants, flexibility and safety are key. Solutions such as heavy-load cable trays and waterfall supports are effective, but have lengthy installation times and are also difficult to adapt when you need to re-route cables. By contrast, our modular cable tray and cable ladder supports can be installed faster and modified more easily helping shorten installation. They also allow you to integrate HVAC and piping with cabling, helping you to significantly reduce installation costs. Specialist 3D modeling software also lets you design cable tray and cable ladder supports with the correct approvals.

Simpler grating installation

Fitting and removal of checker plate by one person - no welding needed

Grating applications are integral to any oil and gas plants, but traditional methods of securing gratings are inefficient. Welding can be dangerous, requires meticulous planning and hot-work permits, and demands lengthy post-work. Multi-piece clamps are slow to install and can be loosened by vibration. Our grating fasteners, on the other hand, can help you speed up installation and reduce costs, even in corrosive environments. Easily installed by just one worker from the top of a grating, they can be removed more easily for maintenance work and are vibration resistant. Optional blunt-tipped grating fasteners help prevent paint penetration and thus reduce post-installation touch-up.

Raised floor systems

Lightweight access flooring with integrated cable routing

Make separate panel stands, electrical tray supports, and floor tile supports a thing of the past. These structures leave limited space for cables, are difficult to modify and require additional scaffoldings. We help solve these problems with integrated floor systems that are lighter, quicker to install and designed to make cable routing much easier. One modular support system provides you with cabinet support, cable tray management and floor tile support. This not only minimizes planning but also gives you greater versatility and adjustability to suit all configurations.

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Pipe support solutions

Increase flexibility with modular, non-welded support structures

As oil and gas plants are built, extended or repurposed, they require significant flexibility to modify and adjust modular solutions such as piping supports. These installations have traditionally relied on heavy, welded pipe supports, which are both laborious to install and difficult to adjust. By contrast, our modular pipe support systems make it much simpler and safer for you to fit light, medium and heavy-duty pipes to a structure – and to change the configuration of existing installations. Furthermore, when using our solution in combination with Hilti anchoring solutions, you can work up to 20% faster when using an impact wrench fitted with an adaptive torque module. 

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Fastening to concrete

Anchor systems with type approvals for extreme conditions

Fastening equipment to concrete at oil and gas plants can be complex. A need for flexibility and shorter construction times generally rules out static rebar. Variables such as cracked concrete, corrosive environments and overhead installation also require robust, proven and reliable solutions. We are your full anchoring solutions provider, providing a broad range of mechanical and chemical post-installed anchors, all with type approvals for fastening to concrete in different situations. Our tools make anchor layout and installation fast and simple, while PROFIS anchor design software help you select the right solution – giving you peace of mind for each application.Whenever one of your team members needs to renew qualifications, attend training or apply for certification, ON!Track will let you know in advance.

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Versatile equipment racking

Adjustable supports for electrical and instrumental strands

When it comes to building durable equipment racks in a variety of configurations, our modular supports are an ideal solution. You can use our innovative MT installation system for smaller or single equipment stands, as well as for modular solutions to build larger, flexible multi-equipment racks. Adjustable supports are ideal for junction boxes, switching equipment or access panels. Upfront modelling and load calculation ensure you design and install the right stands and supports for your applications, giving you control and compliance for complex production processes.

Energy and industry project solutions

From mining to onshore oil and gas to shipbuilding, bring down the total costs of your asset over its entire life cycle with end-to-end project solutions that combine software, hardware and services. 

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Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

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Control tool costs

How can your company save on material costs? What about avoiding costly rework or keeping labor costs down? And how can you get more control over tool and equipment costs? See how our solutions can help.

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