Pipe rings for all types of applications

Hilti modular support systems pipe rings

We offer a wide range of pipe rings in different sizes and formats, including solutions for high or low temperatures.

We also offer pipe rings to hold sprinkler systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


  • The innovative design and robustness of components guarantee a high resistance and safe installation.
  • The locking system allows an excellent hold and fast installation.
  • If you’re using pipe insulation, you can use our pipe rings with preinstalled insulation materials.
  • We offer our pipe rings in a range of materials and coatings including galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel to provide protection against corrosion in different environments.
  • Hilti pipe rings are tested and certified to the highest standards of quality and safety (for instance RAL, acoustics, fire resistance, FM).


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