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Features & Applications

  • Four-in-one versatility – interchangeable attachments: offset chuck, right-angle drill driver adapter, 13 mm (1/2”) keyless chuck and hex bit holder
  • Specialised ergonomics – this multi-head drill driver has been engineered to give you the firm grip needed to maintain comfort and control, especially in awkward working positions
  • Heavy on torque, but light in your hand – powerful 1600 rpm drilling speed and 34 Nm hard joint torque in the smallest body possible
  • Equipped for precise work – two bright LEDs, a magnetic bit holder and 15-step clutch are geared towards efficient screwdriving while protecting your materials
  • Brushless motor – virtually maintenance-free to minimise tool downtime
  • Everyday drilling and screwdriving in tight spaces – especially for carpentry, plumbing, electrical fixings and installing cabinets
  • Driving screws up to 6 mm diameter in wood
  • Driving self-tapping screws up to 4.8 mm diameter in metal
  • Drilling with auger and spade bits up to 14 mm diameter in wood
  • Drilling with HSS bits up to 6 mm diameter in metal

Product Variants & Sets

Technical Data

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SFE 2-A12

Four chucks, one cordless drill driver

The SFE 2-A12 lets you reach into the tightest spaces, giving you control in a compact package

Offset or 90 degrees, 13 mm keyless or hex bit holder, compact and lightweight: the SFE 2-A12 gives you a purpose-built solution for working in tight spaces.


Suitable for a broad range of applications

SFE 2-A12 for installation and fabrication


SFE 2-A12 for Mechanical Installation


SFE 2-A12 for electrical installation


SFE 2-A12 for maintenance


Compact, lightweight and brushless to increase productivity when working in tight or overhead spaces

SF 2H-A12 for drilling through masonry

Flexibility with four exchangeable chucks

With all-in-one versatility, the SFE 2-A12 lets you to reach into the tightest spaces to precisely drill holes and drive screws.

SFE 2-A12 for installation work in tight spaces

Designed for installation and finishing applications

A brushless motor helps reduce overall tool size, while specialized ergonomics give a firm grip that maintains your comfort and control in tight spaces.

SFE 2-A12 for electrical and mechanical tasks

High torque and low weight for specialist tasks

A precision clutch and two-speed gearing efficiently deliver power while a broad range of inserts are available for drilling or fastening. 

SF 2H-A12 for drilling through metal

Versatile and precise for drilling and driving in metal

Two bright LEDs, high rotational speed, compact design and low weight make it ideal for working on repetitive tasks such as driving metal screws.

SFE 2-A12 with B12 Battery

Why should you choose a multi-head drill driver over a standard one?

Every task is different and, as a professional contractor, you'll always want to have the right tool for the job. But when you are starting a new project, it's hard to know exactly which tools you need or if you'll be working in cramped spaces. That's why you need a tool as multi-skilled as you are.

The Hilti advantage

The SFE 2-A12 cordless drill driver is a flexible addition to your toolbox and has 4 exchangeable chucks, or heads, that allow you to work in tight spaces or even around corners and give all-in-one versatility. This gives you the perfect power tool for drilling and screwdriving in tight spaces – especially for carpentry, plumbing, electrical fixings and installing cabinets.

Work in your way

Offering flexibility, the offset and right-angle chucks can be rotated 360 degrees to drill and drive at minimal distance to adjacent surfaces and you can attach any of the other chucks to the right-angle adapter for drilling and driving in spaces where the tool body would not otherwise reach.

As you'd expect, all Hilti cordless tools come with 2 years of wear-and-tear coverage and, if your tool does break, we’ll repair it within 3 days – all at no cost, and giving you peace of mind.

Wide range of inserts for drilling and driving applications

Bit-Set Compact+ Uni S

Bit Set

Bit set covers a wide variety of screw fastening tasks



Premium HSS precision-ground drill bit for drilling small holes in metal

Spade Bit

Spade Bit

Spade bit for fast drilling of shallow holes in wood

Hole saw

Hole Saw

MultiCut bimetal hole saws for cutting holes in various materials

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