Quick Re-Order With Favorite Lists

Quick re-order off your favorite lists

The Hilti website allowd you to build you favorite lists for your own use or you can build it under the company lists tab and your other colleagues can also benefit from the favorite lists that you have built.

Build these lists in folders according to the naming convention that makes sense for your business for example you are a building contracter doing alot of formwork you can make a folder called formwork and load all the relevant Hilti tools, consumables, inserts & accessories  you use day to day for that application.

You can within a few clicks re-order your frequently purchased products, making saving you time and effort in doing business with Hilti.

We will also load recommended products for you based on your trade and size of your business.

Register now and if you are an existing customers with Hilti register with your email address that  you have communicated with us in the pass so that all your account information automatically pulls.



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