Interior Finishing Trade

Hilti offers numerous solutions for the interior finishing trade.


Cordless drywall screwdriver SD 5000-A22


Partition walls are meant for the purpose of separating or dividing rooms. Partition walls are usually made of drywall board / gypsum boards. They are fastened to a pre-constructed light inner steel frame.


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Gypsum ceiling are a type of suspended ceiling, where a secondary ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are also referred to as drop ceiling or false ceiling


Hilti Products for Partition Walls

  • Multi-line laser PM 4-M

    Multi-line laser PM 4-M

    Setting out drywall tracks on floor, ceiling and wall for partitioning

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    Battery-actuated fastening tool BX 3

    Battery-actuated fastening tool BX 3

    Ideally suited to interior drywall track applications

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    Cordless Rotary Hammer TE 2-A22

    Cordless rotary hammer TE 2-A22

    Interior finishing: installing partition walls and suspended ceilings

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    Cordless compact drill driver SFC 22-A

    Cordl. drill driver SF 4-A22

    Lightweight and compact

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    Flexible firestop sealant CP 606

    Flexible firestop sealant CP 606

    Sealing rigid or low-movement ceiling/wall joints, widths from 6 to 30 mm

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