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Integrated LnG solutions

Reliable and flexible systems for Liquified Natural Gas plants

The energy industry’s green revolution has boosted LNG projects. Owners and operators want quality solutions that maximize plant availability, ensure safer working and reduce environmental impact. Building LNG plants requires huge investment, so it is important that construction is finalized as early as possible. During operations, minimal downtime is needed to maximize return on investment.

Our integrated solutions are ideal because they are reliable and flexible, allow for last-minute changes in construction design, minimize rework and drastically reduce welding activities – making them ideal for use in live plants for MRO and upgrade activities. We also support projects during their whole lifecycle. State-of-the-art software is compatible with the most common 3D design software. Our global footprint also allows us to be close to your operations, offering services that range from engineering to cutting, kitting and pre-assembly.


Cable management systems

Reduce the risk of delays with flexible, integrated cable routing

Cable routing and cable pulling are among the most critical operations on site. Traditional systems usually have long installation times and very limited flexibility which can lead to delays and extra costs. Our modular supports, coupled with Oglaend System cable trays and ladders, provide EPCs with flexibility, faster installation and, in the case of modular construction, lighter solutions. They also allow EPCs to integrate HVAC and piping with cabling, significantly reducing installation costs. Our 3D-modeling software libraries can be fully integrated into your design ecosystem, making it simpler to choose the best solution for each application.

Grating installation

Easier-to-install checker plate with minimal post-work

Traditional methods of fixing gratings are time consuming and don’t last. Welding requires meticulous planning and special permits, demands lengthy post-work and reduces flexibility. Mechanical clamps are slow to install, require access from both ends of the grating and can be loosened by vibration. But our grating fasteners make installation faster and cost effective. Easily installed by one worker from the top of a grating, they can be removed for maintenance work and are vibration resistant. Optional blunt-tipped grating fasteners help prevent paint penetration and therefore reduce post-installation touch-up.

Integrated floor systems

Non-weld raised floors for safer installation and easier adjustments

Make separate panel stands, electrical tray supports, and floor tile supports a thing of the past. These structures leave limited space for cables, are difficult to modify and require additional scaffolding. We solve these problems with integrated floor systems that are light, faster to install and make cable routing much easier. A single system provides you with cabinet support, cable management and floor tile support. It also reduces planning times and gives you the versatility and adjustability to suit all configurations. Our integrated floor systems are also particularly well suited for LNG plants as they can be installed even in heavily corrosive environments, control rooms and e-rooms.

Weld-free pipe supports

Less downtime and safer installation with flexible systems

LNG plants have an average lifespan of 30 years. During the construction phase it’s important to reach first gas on or before schedule to maximize return on investment. During the life of the plant, there need to be as many operating days and as few shutdowns as possible. The duration of upgrades or debottlenecking operations should be kept short. Our modular support systems help achieve this when you’re installing secondary and tertiary piping supports. These replace labor intensive activities like welding and painting. This delivers increased flexibility and safety. It also allows for simultaneous operations, reduces the overall weight of supports and – crucially – results in a lower cost of installation.

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High performing anchors

Reliable fastening solutions – including for extreme conditions

Fastening on concrete is key to LNG plant construction, covering everything from the fastening of equipment and steel structures to rebar. Variables such as cracked concrete, corrosive or extremely cold environments, overhead installation and seismic resistance can have a big influence on the performance of an anchor and its reliability.

Robust, proven and reliable solutions – even in these extreme situations – are required to guarantee long-lasting performance and, most importantly, safety. We provide a wide range of mechanical and chemical anchoring solutions capable of guaranteeing performances according to standards required for different situations. You can also choose from a wide selection of tools that that make anchor layout and installation faster and simpler.

Firestop systems

Rigorously tested solutions that help limit the spread of fire

Although LNG facilities have very safe and controlled processes, they still need to be protected from fire, explosions and water. We offer passive fire protection systems that can be integrated in the structure of a building, ensuring that – once a fire starts – it will be confined in a limited area. Fire integrity and smoke-tightness are delivered by solutions that seal gaps, openings and penetrations. They can also be used for closing large penetrations, closing joints, cable protection and mechanical sealing. All our fire protection systems are tested according to stringent standards within a comprehensive field of application, giving you additional peace of mind. Unique firestop software and engineering services also help you to easily design, select, specify and document firestop products and installations.

Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

Explore safety solutions

Control your costs

How can your company save on material costs? What about avoiding costly rework or keeping labor costs down? And how can you get more control over tool and equipment costs? See how our solutions can help.

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