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The DX 5 is the latest development in Hilti’s long line of versatile direct-fastening tools that can cover a wide range of applications. 

Ideal for fastening materials on to concrete and steel, DX 5 is aptly designed to deliver performance and power-reliably.


DX 5 Applications

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Wood elements to concrete

With the DX 5, fastening wooden formwork to concrete prior to casting becomes simple and fast. Choose the right length from the X-C and X-P nail types, adjust the correct power setting required and complete the work up to 10 times faster. A fully automatic tool-the DX 5 does not require the operator to cycle the tool each time. DX 5 MX comes remounted with the nail magazine, that holds up to 10 nails at a time- by using which you don’t have to waste time reloading nails after every fixing.

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DX 5 GR is designed with a custom nose piece to enable easy access between bearing bars, to install Hilti X-GR grating clips. Not only does the fully automatic DX 5 GR ensure high speed of installation, it also allows you to choose the right power to suit the steel strength on site. Since the gratings can be secured by working only from the topside, grating installation can be done at an unbeatable speed

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Insulation boards

Fastening insulation layers is key to minimize heat transfer into buildings and thus lower the overall cooling cost. The DX 5 can be used with the Hilti X-IE insulation fasteners to fasten insulation quickly and reliably.

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Light Hangers

DX 5 with the dedicated portfolio of elements Hilti has for use in the electrical trade, can provide an unbeatable advantage of speed when installing electrical conduits onto hard concrete and steel base material.

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Ceiling clip installation

Like its predecessor DX 460, the DX 5 makes installation of ceiling clips for mounting false ceilings an easy affair. Use the right combination of cartridge color, tool power setting and ceiling clip type to suit your site requirement and get the double advantage of speed and performance. In addition to being fully compatible with the Hilti X-CC U, X-CC CS and X-HS ceiling fasteners, the DX 5 service interface and Hilti Connect App let you track the progress of the fastenings you make-to plan for tool cleaning/service and enhance productivity

Power packed with features to give you unmatched benefits

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Worlds first tool with a service indicator that shows when its time to clean the tool

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With the Hilti Connect App, get connected to a world of features that help you manage your tool fleet and their health. Know how many fixings have been done and how many left before the next cleaning/service. Through the app, book a tool pick up for service and locate where your tools were scanned last.

Hilti Connect App: Have all the information you need on your fingertips

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The first DX tool that tells when it needs cleaning

Connect to the app and easily check the tool health. Know how many fastenings have been and how many left before the next cleaning and next service at Hilti. See the related products on Hilti online.

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How to videos

When the service indicator shows it’s time to clean the tool, just click on the “learn More” tab and get directed to the operating instructions and ‘How to’ videos to see how to clean the tool and replace piston/buffer


Hilti DX 5-F8

High productivity and versatility for single nails

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High productivity and versatility for single nails

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