UD4 Press release


Hilti launched the new UD 4 Corded Drill Driver developed with Hilti standards that was entirely created for the META (Middle East, Turkey and Africa) region to meet the requirements of the emerging markets.

Following extensive market research, and product testing, Hilti’s Product Leadership Strategy (PLS) team across META along with the guidance and support from Hilti’s headquarters team designed the UD 4 tool. The tool has specifically been designed and created with Hilti standards and specifications to appeal to the emerging market’s needs as well as market conditions.

The UD 4 is designed to perform any required job on construction sites and in the workshop; it can drill a high number of holes per day for the same application. The lightweight and compactness of the tool will support the user in making repeated tasks easier with less tiring. The tool is used for wood and steel applications ranging from alloyed steel to stainless steel.

Along with the tool’s launch; Hilti developed drill bits to meet the different requirements based on customer’s preference. If a customer is looking for a powerful and versatile insert, the HSS-R metal drilling insert is the ultimate solution. The drill bit is suitable for alloyed and non-alloyed steel up to a tensile strength of 900 N/mm², non-ferrous metals, cast iron, and hard plastics. The drill bit reduces friction and heat buildup, which in turn prolongs its lifetime. It is robust and durable; with a split point which reduces wandering on the drilling surface.

In addition to this top performing drill bit, the range also includes different drill bits for different applications that provide customers great performance at a very competitive price.

The UD-4 tool will continue its launch across many different markets in the region. The self-repair concept tool will provide the user with the opportunity to fix the tool on the spot. Our customers will now be able to enjoy the tool and experience its strength in speed, efficiency, and comfort within the working environment.

The launch of UD 4 corded tool specifically designed for the emerging markets. The tool allows customers easy drilling on the jobsite.


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